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The Trustdore story began in 1988 when I purchased Stalin, my first registered Dobermann. Ch. Stalin of Trustdore was a great companion and gentleman and his excellent qualities inspired and motivated me to achieve what I have, both in the showring and on the training field. His achievements in the showring include BIS, Multi BISS, Supreme Dobermann 1991 and KUSA National Dobermann 1991 &1995.

TRUSTDORE, arriving from TRUST - a companion for life (friend) and DORE (door) I will only let in whom I want (guard), is a registered kennel with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA) and is reputed for breeding to improve the Temperament, Conformation and Health of the Dobermann. I bred my first litter in 1990 and have bred 38 litters to date, 32 under the Trustdore kennel name and 6 under the Sudroyal kennel name, which was jointly owned by Jürgen Trebbin and myself.

It all started with my foundation bitch, Ch. Vonmermar Neeva (Ch. Osea Oz van Diaspora (Imp. Neth.) X Ch. Vonmermar Helga), bought in 1989 from Mervyn Herholdt. Neeva's mother line goes back to Dutch and American bloodlines. Neeva was mated to an import from Germany, Ch. Odin vom Norden Stamm, who produced Ch. & Ch. (Zim) Trustdore Cazar, Cazar was a prolific show dog and had an awesome character. He won his first Specialist Dobermann Club show in 1993, at the tender age of 14 months and his last Specialist Show in 1997. He was also the first Trustdore bred Dobermann to achieve championship status, BIS (All Breeds and Specialist), ZTPV1A and APT. The repeat mating of Neeva and Odin produced, Ch. Trustdore Lady Dea, ZTPV1B, who won Runner-up Epol Supreme Puppy in 1995. Dea was unfortunately poisoned and could not contribute to the development of my kennel.

Cazar's litter sister, Ch. Trustdore Cassandra became the cornerstone of the Trustdore kennel. Cassy as she was called, produced three litters. She obtained championship status and in combination with Popeye v't Smeulveen (Imp) produced the Trustdore 'E'litter, achieving two All Breeds BPIS winners and an All Breeds BIS winner. Trustdore Lord Eros was the winner of the first Supreme Dobermann Puppy award ever presented by The Dobermann Club (Jhb).

The Trustdore 'F' litter, from Cassandra and Ch. Merimor Bruto, produced two important offspring, Ch.Trustdore Lord Flek, ZTPV1A, APT and Ch. Trustdore Lady Fabiana, APT. Flek was a good producer in his own right, in that he produced Ch.Wandrahm Cona, who won BIS at the Dobermann Club of N. Tvl. in 2000 under world renown Dobermann Specialist Judge, Dr. Pierluigi Pezzano (It). Another son, Hasenjacht Danzig Oliver, ZTPSG1A, APT, won BPIS at the Dobermann Club of N. Tvl. in the same year. He also produced Ch. Wandrahm Bella who has excelled in the working disciplines and has qualified in ITT IIex ITT III.

Fabiana won an All Breeds RBIS and her most prolific daughter was Ch. Trustdore Lady K'Agfa of Kiavanga, who is the cornerstone for the Kiavanga kennel and has produced dogs such as Kiavanga Chester Ice (BIS
Dobermann Club of N. Tvl. 2006) and BISS Ch. Kiavanga Dizzi's Delight, ZTPV1A (RBIS Dobermann Club of N. Tvl. 2005 and 2006 and winner of 'The Ideal Dobermann Trophy' in 2006; BIS Dobermann Club of Natal 2005). K'Agfa achieved tremendous success in the showring, winning BPIS, BIS and Runner-up Golden Paw in 2000.

The Trustdore 'I' litter, from Cassandra and BIS & BISS Ch.Uran Royal BelL (Imp), produced another important dam for the Trustdore kennel, Multi BIS Ch. Trustdore Lady I'll de Neeve. Her litter brother, Ch. Trustdore Lord Ivan also won multiple Groups. Her sire was a great showman winning 3 All Breeds BIS's, two Specialist BIS's as well as the Golden Paw Challenge and KUSA National Dobermann in 1997. He also came 15th in the Animal Talk Top 100 ratings in 1998. Neeve followed in her father's footsteps by achieving one All Breeds BPIS, three All Breeds BIS's, one Specialist BIS, two Specialist RBIS, Supreme Dobermann Puppy, Best of the Best Runner-up and in 2001 she was KUSA National Dobermann, Supreme Dobermann and came 8th in the Animal Talk Top 100 ratings.

BIS Ch. Trustdore OliverNeeve produced three important progeny. Multi BIS Ch. Trustdore Oliver, ZTPV1A. His sire, Sudroyal FifoSudroyal Fifo won BPIS at SA Ladies KA. Oliver's achievements include Supreme Dobermann Puppy in 2003 and 5th place in the Animal Talk Top 100 ratings in 2005 - the highest ranking ever achieved by a Dobermann. Oliver's back-to-back BIS wins at Eastern Districts and Roodepoort & Districts Kennel Clubs on the same weekend in 2005 was a first for a Dobermann since my involvement in 1988. Oliver also won back-to-back awards at Pretoria Kennel Club in 2005 by winning BIS and the Challenge of the Champions on the same day. Within the Trustdore kennel Oliver produced Ch. Trustdore Ultimately Solo ZTPV1B BWT. Solo has won ResBIS at the Dobermann Club of NTvl '07 under world renowned specialist judge Ch. Trustdore Ultimately SoloHans Wiblishauser (Ger) and has won many BIS and RBIS awards at Open shows and we look forward to his championship show career once he has matured. Solo's dam Ch. Diva Vijoko di MatarioCh. Diva Vijoko di Matario (imp. Austria) comes from excellent lines with her dam, Ajoko Quirono di Matario, having won the IDC and DV Siegerin titles in Europe. Diva herself won BIS at the Dobermann League in 2001. Diva and Baron Guido Royal Bell of Trustdore (imp. Germany) produced Trustdore Mona Lisa who has now produced her first litter for the Donnehaus kennel. BISS & BIS Ch. Fenris Sing Solo ZTPV1A , another son of Oliver, in combination with Ch Fenris Lexa, was spotted by me at the age of 6 months, and he is BISS & BIS Ch. Fenris Sing Soloexclusively handled by me and has achieved in 2007, BIS, 2 X BISS, ResBISS, Supreme Dobermann '07, Scarlett Bronze Trophy winner and 27th in the Animal Talk Top 100 ratings All Breeds 2008.

TD Ch. Trustdore OliviaTD Ch. Trustdore Olivia has excelled in the working disciplines by achieving CDex, ITTIex, ITTII, ITTIII, ITTIVex, ITTV, TDIex, TDIIex and TDIII and became a TD Champion in 2007. Olivia also won BPIS at the Dobermann Club of N. Tvl. and The Dobermann League in 2003. Trustdore Octavia of Vonmermar revived the breeding in the Von Mermar kennel. Her first litter with Multi BISS Ch. Hazar Altobello-Hillo, ZTPSG1B (at 15 months) produced a very promising young male,Ch. von Mermar Rufus Ch. Von Mermar Rufus of Trustdore, ZTPV1A, who won BPIS at the Dobermann Club of N. Tvl. in 2006. The repeat mating produced Von Mermar Sopie which will surely carry on her breeding potential later on.

Multi BISS Ch. Hazar Altobello-HilloBISS & RBIS Ch. Hazar Altobello-Hillo, was purchased in 2003 at the age of 9months and did exceptionally well in the showring winning two Specialist BIS, two Specialist RBIS, KUSA National Dobermann 2004, 2005 & 2006, The Ideal Dobermann Trophy and the Scarlett Bronze Trophy in 2005 and stood 6th in the Champions Class (Black & Tan) at the International Dobermann Club (IDC) show in Bratislava in 2005. Hillo has also been used by the Kiavanga kennel and Kiavanga Iceman ZTP V1A and Kiavanga Indie look very promising at this stage. Hillo has also been used by the von Illerdamm Dobermann kennel. We look forward to watching Hillo's progeny - such as Trustdore Lady Zara, ZTPV1B, Ch.VonMermar Rufus of Trustdore, BPIS Trustdore Alva and Trustdore Lady Fiona (Hillo x BPISS Avenhoff Be A Trustdore ZTP V1B ). Zara produced Trustdore Just Push Play, who was at the von Illerdamm kennel initially until they relocated back to Germany in 2013. I have great hope for Play in the welping box together with Trustdore Lady Opal a daughter of Hagar.

BPISS CH Trustdore Lord Quinn is one that I will keep an close eye on especially his reproductive contribution based on his pedigree together with his sister Trustdore Lady Q’Svenja.

This Q litter has a lineage of 4 generations of All breeds BIS winners, namely: Uran, Neeve, Oliver and Solo (see them in Hall of Fame).

BPISS & RBISS Ch. Draga di AltobelloIn 2004 I imported BPISS & RBISS Ch. Draga di Altobello. Upon her arrival, I offered Nikki Redtenbacher, a very good friend of mine, a partnership in Draga. I handled Celine throughout her show career and her achievement may be viewed on www.dobermannsa.co.za. Celine as she is commonly known, was transferred into the full ownership of Nikki from the Bellstone kennel towards the end of 2005 and in return, I received a daughter from her in 2007, Bellstone Demmi Moorre, which I have high hopes for. Her first litter with BPISS, CH Izrafel Caesar Cinammon produced a very promising male Trustdore Lord Pajero.

BISS Ch. Quina v't SmeulveenThe Sudroyal kennel only had 6 litters but produced many excellent dogs. The cornerstone of this kennel was BISS Ch. Quina v't Smeulveen (imp. Neth.), ZTPV1B. Quina won BIS at the Dobermann Club (Jhb) in 1994. The 'A' litter from Quina and Uran produced four dogs who successfully passed the ZTP temperament assessment - Aldoe, Attila, Arkano and Azra. Attila also excelled in the working discipline with an IPO I, BWT and ITT II. Another litter sister, Sudroyal Anka also qualified in BWT and ITT I.Ch. Sudroyal Aldoe was also a multiple group winner in the showring. Sudroyal Azra and Cazar produced Trustdore Lady Hichiraz of Munrose, ZTPV1B, who won BPIS at the Dobermann Club of N. Tvl. In 1999. The Sudroyal 'F' litter came from Quina and Multi Ch. Jivago van hetb WantijMulti Ch. Jivago van het Wantij, ZTPSG1A, IPO III, Angekort ZVA and produced Ch. Ch. Sudroyal Fara Sudroyal Fara and Sudroyal Fifo. Fara is currently standing at the Trustdore kennel and we trust that her young progeny will continue flying the Trustdore flag in the showring as well as in the working disciplines through her daughter Trustdore Lady Zara ZTPV1B.

As important as the temperament and conformation of our dogs is, we also consider health issues to be of utmost importance. We test our breeding stock for Hip Dysplasia (HD), Wobblers syndrome (CVI), BiSS Ch. Hazar Altobello HilloBISS Ch. Hazar Altobello-HilloVan Willebrand's disease (vWD), Cardio problems (DCM) and eye diseases (PHTVL/PHPV). We believe in the improvement of the Dobermann Breed and it is our passion - not a business. Placing healthy puppies into good homes is vital and a dog with a health problem cannot succeed in the conformation or temperament sphere.

I also do need to make special mention of my friend Skyy who entrusted me with two wonderfull males, Ch Izrafel Caesar Cinammon ZTP V1B and Ch Pablo di Altobello, whom I know will further improve our kennel.

Our motto is a friend for life.

'You can live with a dog with a good temperament, but you can't live with a dog with a bad temperament, no matter how good he looks"