Buying a Dobermann  

1. Questions to Ask yourself

  • What are your needs and is the Dobermann the right breed?
  • Have you had a Dobermann before ( a Dobermann is like a 5-6 year old busy child for the rest of its life!)?
  • Do you have another dog or pet in the home?
  • What is your family situation? i.e. do you have children, do you have a property with big enough grounds to provide your Dobe with enough exercise and do you have enough time to spend with your dog - training and fun time?
  • Do you have the commitment required to dedicate to your new puppy or dog?
  • Have you done a thorough study of the breed, e.g. Health, temperament and conformation

2. How to find a Dobermann
  • Phone as may breeders as possible, make use of the internet, magazines, your local Veterinarian and KUSA breeders information department

3. When you make the call

  • Discuss their dogs health, history, and achievements, with the breeder
  • What is your reason for acquiring the new pup?
  • What training will you need to do? And will the breeder be available to give help and assistance during the dogs life?

4. Contact numbers for various provinces training & Dobermann Clubs

  • Susan Smith on 082 658 4647 - Cape
  • Nikki Redtenbacher 083 651 1133 - Midrand
  • Renee Strange 082 902 8833 - Emarentia