Hall of Fame - since 1988  

This section is dedicated to the Dobermanns I have had the pleasure of breeding, owning, co-owning or handling. These wonderful dogs excelled in temperament, working or breed disciplines and have left a lasting impression on me. To all the judges, local and international, the friends made over the years, thanks for your support.

I would like to start off with:

CH Stalin of Trustdore (1988-2000)

Stalin, at 69cm was a great companion and gentleman and his excellent qualities inspired and motivated me to achieve what I have, both in the show ring and on the training field. Stalin's physical power and movement will always be remembered.

HD 1,1
Obedience A test qualifier
All breeds BIS winner
Multi Speciality BIS winner
KUSA National Dobermann twice 1991 & '95
Supreme Dobermann trophy winner '01
Dobermann League Victor Ludorm trophy winner '90 & '91

CH (ZIM and SA) Trustdore Cazar (1992-2002)

Cazar, at 69, 5 cm was the first brown male I bred, and as a puppy he was an impressive male with an excellent stable character. He won his first speciality BIS at the tender age of 14 months and his last at the age of 6 years. Till today Cazar is the only Dobermann, who have won an ALL Breeds BIS and Speciality BIS who attained both temperament tests in SA, namely ZTP and APT. I will always remember Cazar for his stability in any given situation, strong dominant character however very affectionate.

HD 0,0; Eyes- Clear
ZTP V1A (J Kollenberg); APT
All breeds BIS winner
Multi Speciality BIS winner
Supreme Dobermann trophy winner '94

CH Uran Royal Bell (Imp) (1995-2002)

Uran, at 73cm was an impressive strong boned male of great proportions, and a gentleman too. Uran was one of those dogs who did not look for a fight and I used to run him together with his son and four other females. He stood up to some burglars one weekend when I was away and could not walk properly for nearly two weeks after the incident. He was like his daughter, fantastic with children. Till today he is the only Dobermann who has won the Golden Paw competition and won BIS consecutively at Western TVL KC. He was co-owned with Jurgen Trebbin.

HD 0,0; Eyes -Clear
Multi BIS All Breeds winner
Multi Speciality BIS winner
Golden Paw Winner '98
15th Animal Talk Top 100 ratings '98
KUSA National Dobermann '97

CH. Trustdore Lady I'll de Neeve (1998-2007)

Neeve, at 68, 5 cm was my first bred Multi BIS All Breeds and BISS winner. A showman (woman) of note, always ready to perform and to look her best, at a tender age of 7 months she achieved Best Puppy in Show, 2 X CC and Res BOB at the Dobermann League championship show. Unfortunately Neeve only produced two litters, however just like her dam this was all she needed, to leave a legacy behind. As a family dog she gave great pleasure to my brother's family raising their 2 sons and enjoying life.

HD 0,0; Eyes -Clear; vWD - clear
Multi All breeds BIS winner
Multi Speciality BIS winner
Supreme Dobermann trophy winner '01
Supreme Dobermann Puppy trophy winner '99
8th in the Animal Talk Top 100 ratings '08
Best of the Best Runner-up '01
KUSA National Dobermann '01

CH. Trustdore Oliver (2002-2008)

Oliver, at 71 cm was one of my favourite dogs to date. He was a showman, gentlemen and companion, till today the 5th place on the Animal Talk Top 100 is the highest ranking ever achieved by a Dobermann. Oliver's back-to-back BIS wins at Eastern Districts and Roodepoort & Districts Kennel Clubs on the same weekend in 2005 was a first for a Dobermann since my involvement in 1988. Oliver also won back-to-back awards at Pretoria Kennel Club in 2005 by winning BIS and the Challenge of the Champions on the same day (read the article written about his wins on the Showdogs website). In Aug '07 in a freak accident I drove over him and due to injuries sustained he was put to rest in July '08. These two days were very traumatic for me due to Oliver being my eyes and ears at home and him sleeping in my room for most of his life. He was a prolific sire and left me with excellent offspring to continue this bloodline I've nurtured since my involvement in this wonderful breed. Kindly view CH Fenris Sing Solo's page.

HD 0,0; Eyes -Clear; vWD - clear; Cardio - Normal
ZTP1A (H Wibleshauser).
Supreme Dobermann Puppy in '03
5th place in the Animal Talk Top 100 ratings '05
Multi All breeds BIS winner
Supreme Dobermann trophy winner '05

TD CH Trustdore Olivia (2002-2011)

Olivia has excelled in the working disciplines by achieving CDex, ITT 5 and becoming a TD champion. Olivia also won BPIS at the Dobermann Club of N. Tvl. and The Dobermann League in 2003. "Olly" as she is known, is owned, trained and handled by Kurt Böhi. Olly is the first Dobermann to ever achieve ITT5 in South Africa. She has really placed the Dobermann on top again at working trails, as she frequently achieves high scores in trials.

CH Hazar Altobello-Hillo (2002 - present)

Hillo at 70 cm, was purchased in 2003 at the age of 9months. Hillo did exceptionally well in the show ring, winning the first Ideal trophy awarded by the Dobermann club of NTvl in '05. This is a trophy that is awarded for the Dobermann who wins the most points at the 4 speciality shows and has a ZTP temperament qualification.

HD 1,1; PHPVL / PHPVT - unilateral
vWD - clear; Cardio - Normal;
Wobbler - Normal
ZTP1A (H Wibleshauser).
Multi Specialist BIS
KUSA National Dobermann 2004, 2005 & 2006
The Ideal Dobermann Trophy '05
Scarlet Bronze Trophy in 2005
Placed 6th in the Champions Class (Black & Tan) at the International Dobermann Club (IDC) show in Bratislava in 2005.

BISS & BIS CH Fenris Sing Solo (2004 - present)

Solo, at 72 cm grew up with his owner, Safia and her family. I noticed him at a dog show when he was just 6 months old. I befriended the owners and when Solo was 2 years old he matured into an excellent breed specimen. Solo came to live with me in the beginning of 2008 to prepare him for ZTP, which he did. He fitted perfectly into my household set-up. Solo is the first Dobermann to have attained the 3 major Dobermann club trophy awards in a 12 month period, starting with the Scarlet Bronze and Supreme Dobermann in '07 and the Ideal Dobermann Trophy in '08. He also won the Scarlet Bronze for a second year '08. He is also the 4th generation All Breeds BIS winner starting with Uran Royal Bell.

HD 0,0; vWD - Clear
ZTP V1A (A Hoppe)
All Breeds BIS winner
Multi Speciality BIS winner
The Ideal Dobermann Trophy '08
Scarlet Bronze Trophy in '07 & '08
Supreme Dobermann trophy winner '07