News 2011  

Working News

Trustdore Lady Zeda CD, TD 1,ITT 2. Zeda obtained 80% in the ITT2 trail she participated in and qualified High in Trail on the 30th of October 2011. Judge: Mrs Kay Laishley.

Congratulations and thanks to Gerda and Kurt for flying the Trustdore flag while I’m taking a breather after 22 years!

Puppy News

Litter expected mid December 2011 from the combination

Sire: CH Fenris Sing Solo
Dam: CH Gaindyke Ebay Euro (Imp France)

Both Parents are vWD CLEAR

The litter will be ready for their new homes mid Feb 2012

Working News

Trustdore Lord Guapo CD; ITT 1, TD2. Another great performance by Guapo on Sunday the 6th of July. He qualified TD2 with 95% with 5 dogs entered at the TKC Kennel Club Working Trials. Judge: T. Richardson

Puppy News

The long awaited litter is born today (23/5/2011) all black and tan:

Sire: CH Izrafel Ceasar Cinammon HD A 1, ED 0,0, vWD- Carrier; ZTP V1B
Dam: Bellstone Demmi Moorre HD A 1, ED 0,0, vWD- Clear

5 X Female
6x Male

Kindly reconfirm your booking, indicating your gender preference. Please note that all pups will be vWD tested.

Working News

Trustdore Lady Zeda CD; TD1. Congratulations to Zeda and Gerda on achieving there first TD 1 qualification at the Boland Dog Training Club Championship Show on Saturday 14 May 2011, with a fantastic 92%!!
All the best for TD2 we hold thumbs. Judge: Nic Claasen.

Working News

Trustdore Lord Guapo CD; ITT 1, TD1. Guapo is following in Olly’s footsteps and has qualified TD1 with 176/200 at the N.Tvl Dobermann Club Championship Working Trials on the 22.May 2011. Judge: S. Chuter


A tribute to GR CH (TD) Trustdore Olivia CD ex; TD 3 ex; ITT 5. "Olly".

Olly was such a fantastic companion and real pleasure to have, I have enjoyed every minute working or playing with her.
Already when Olly was a puppy, I knew that she will be something special, as she was so full of self confidence and always eager to learn something new.
I was right, she archived some incredible firsts for the Dobermann' s in SA .
She obtained the title of a Grand Champion in the tracker stakes of Working Trials (classic)
First Dobermann to gain an ITT5 Qualification.

She was so keen to work, that she barked many, many times in front of the leads which were hanging on the wall, just to remind me - it’s time to go working!
During her near 9 years , never a sick day, and did her last track 2 days before she died. Olly’s life was just too short, as we could not enjoy retirement together, that was her only fault, but I know she is never really gone, as she will live forever in my heart.

Kurt Bohi

Working News

Trustdore Lord Endo obtained hi ZTP qualification on Saturday 5th March 2011. Judge: Mr H Wibleshauser

Trustdore Lord Endo Trustdore Lord Endo

Working News

Trustdore Lord Guapo CD ITT 1. On the 6th Feb 2011 at the Birch Acres Club open show Guapo, qualified CD with 84%, he was 3rd out of 11 dogs entered. Judge: Mrs M Shore

Puppy News

Puppies expected at the end of April 2011. Please contact us if you are interested.